Solutions for Sage Business Vision

Our comprehensive manufacturing and distribution solution for Sage Business Vision can be well integrated into your Sage Business Vision and eliminate the requirement of changing over to another accounting system for at least the next 5-10 years.

Product Management

    Sage Business Vision is so limited in the way it handles products and their attributes or status. With our comprehensive product management solution, the system can read all the product information from Sage Business Vision and make it available throughout the system through the following capabilities:
  • You can have any number of product types with very specific attributes for each type
  • Periodically read all part numbers from Business Vision
  • Mass edit feature to easily update product attributes
  • Mass edit view Excel import
  • Allow different status for products like End of Line or Pending
  • Create customizable categories of products
  • Mass upload/attach documents, images or event videos to each product
  • Any number of suppliers per product.

Order Management

    Sage order management can be quite incomplete at times. One big problem is that it deletes the order history as it is being invoiced. With Azarbod, you can customize your ordering and even have online shopping cart and get it integrated into your Sage Business Vision without a need to change your accounting system. Here are the main features of our Business Vision integrated order management solution:
  • Create comprehensive online product catalogue with products imported from Sage Business Vision
  • Allos customers search within your catalogue or use quick search form to place orders
  • Add shipping cost or free shipping per specific customers/orders
  • Read pricing from Sage Business Vision or have complex pricing structure per customer
  • Promotional prices for given period of time
  • Show or hide in stock quantities from customers updated live from Business Vision
  • When customers confirm an order, system writes the order to Sage Business Vision and updates the related accounts in GL and AR
  • Allow partial invoicing per order with back order in Sage Business Vision.
  • Allow shipping of the invoices, packing slips and customer notification.
  • For invoices created directly in Sage Business Vision, system can read and make them available to customers via the customer portal.
  • Customer account balance read from Sage Business Vision and available online under the customer portal.

Customers and Contacts

    Our add-on to Sage Business Vision can take your customer experience to a new level by reading/writing customer information from/to BV and enhancing it with the following features
  • Have as many contacts per customer as required and not limited to 3.
  • Any number of branches per customer
  • Synchronize with Sage Businss Vision via BV Custome Code
  • Allow a customer to be a distributor and have sub-customers for dropship
  • Enhance customer pricing and discounts
  • Send email from within the system and keep the history
  • Place order on behalf of the customer
  • Upload documents like credit check to customer profile
  • Read and show customer account balance from Sage Business Vision
  • Email invoices directly from within customer profile

Invoicing and Shipping

  • Allow customers to place order online with Sage Business Vision Integration
  • Place order on behalf of customer and it will be written into BV
  • Invoices are written directly into Sage Business Vision
  • Shipment handling with UPS, Purlator or Fedex integration
  • Customer email notification on invoices, shipments and orders

Production Management

    Our production scheduling and work order management can be tightly linked to Sage Business Vision and enhance it to the following amazing features:
  • Create dynamically updated bill of material for each finished product
  • Read all product information from BV and categorize them using mass edit features
  • Work order scheduling using economic re-order quantity and back order values
  • Auto assign of work orders per CNC machine in order to minimize setup time
  • Start work orders when raw materials are available
  • Manage work orders throughout the shop
  • Scrap control at every step and employee
  • Work order splitting/aborting and required inventory actions
  • Custom quoting process and related orders and work orders
  • Receive items into inventory once the work order is completed

GL/AR/AP Integration

    Our Sage Business Vision integrated solution can be integrated into accounting system as below:
  • Update general ledger and account receivables once an order is invoiced
  • Update general ledger and account payable after a purchase order is received
  • Read customer balance and account information from BV
  • Help with collection and follow-up on unpaid customer invoices
  • Read invoices from BV,

Marketing and Promotions

    Our solution can read and enhance the pricing and discount structure provided by Sage Business Vision in the following ways:
  • Read customer pricing and discount structure from BV and apply it to cusomer orders
  • Add periodic promotion for specific products or line of products
  • Promotions can be for all customers or specific customers
  • Allow special pricing for specific customer on given products or categories
  • Email promotions to all related customers
  • Export the promtions as HTML in order to use third-party email service.