Azarbod Inventory Management System

Please note that all our solutions are web-based and will run in any device with a browser. No installation and no per user licensing.

Warehouse Setup

Our Inventory System streamlines all your inventory and warehousing operation from purchasing to receiving and counting.

  • Multi-warehouse Support
  • Flexible units of measurement
  • Pricing structure and currency conversion
  • Inactivate, pending and end of line items
  • Lot or serial number
  • Comprehensive search of all records
  • Export & import to & from Microsoft Excel
  • Economic re-order quantity calculations and suggestions
  • Create purchase order or production order based on demand or back order
  • Group inventory items
  • Barcode printing
  • Vendor part # for ordering
  • Multiple cycle counts at the same time.
  • Custom product attributes per group.

Order Management

    Our Order Management supports the following features:
  • Quotes
  • RMA
  • Customer pricing and discounts per customer, category or specific items.
  • Promotions with start and end date.
  • Order Tracking and Back Order
  • Track orders via shipping and invoicing
  • Integrate with UPS, Fedex or Purolator for shipping calculations
  • Customer shipping notifications and tracking
  • Customers with mutiple contacts and shipping/billing address
  • Special barcoding for customers who distribute to their own customers.
  • Online ordering and customer portal
  • Immediate invnetory tracking
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Add attachments
  • Print item and packing labels

Job Scheduling

The job scheduling and work order management is the whole system that stands behind your manufaturing process.

    Here are the main features
  • Automatice production suggestion for manufactured products based on demand and economic re-order quantity
  • Job scheduling from different sources like suggestion or ad-hoc
  • Current status of production like in-production or waiting for raw materials
  • Automatic check-out of raw materials.
  • Step by step tracking of the work order througout the shop
  • Track start, end, quantity and employee at each step
  • Control scrap material by date, time, employee and machine
  • Cancel or split work orders
  • Dashboard view of how many work orders waiting for which employee

Customer Portal

Our web based software systems allow you to take your customer service to the next level. Our fully customizable customer portal lets your customer place orders, ask for quoute, check the status of their oders and view/pay their balance.

    Here are the main features
  • Online catalogue and products
  • Customer login and custom shopping cart
  • Allow customer to attach documents to their order
  • Multiple users and branches/addresses per customer
  • Per customer pricing and promotions with start and end date
  • Easy to use catalogue with very specific and searchable product attributes
  • Comprehensive catalogue search
  • Quick order page for repeat customers
  • Customer account balance
  • Allow customers to view/download their own invoices
  • shipment tracking via the portal
  • And you name it ...


Manage all aspects of your purrchasing and recieving using our easy to use and comprehensive purchasing module.

    Here are some of the main features:
  • Automatically generate or suggest purchase orders based on demand or usage history
  • Download as pdf or email purchase orders to vendors
  • Vendor specific prices and part numbers
  • Import price list via Excel Sheet
  • Multi-currency purchasing
  • Multipl recive and partial recieve
  • Automatic price adjustment upon receipt of items
  • Complete purchase order history and inventory movement

Bill of Material

Our dynamically updated bill of material gives you control over finished products and how many or how much of each inventory item/labor they use.

    Here is how it works:
  • Each product can be kitted/manufactured or both
  • Bill of material for each item is either pre-created or created on the fly
  • On the fly BOM is created as you add raw material to each work order
  • Labour or machine component of BOM is best created on average and on the fly
  • Inventory requirements as per BOM for each product
  • Conversion between units of measure

CRM (as Add-on Module)

CRM can have a broad meaning and is very different from customer to customer. That is why we can fully customize/integrate our system to match your specific requirements.

    Here are the features of the core system
  • Manage customers, contacts, leads and sources of lead generation.
  • Any number of contacts and addresses per customer
  • Manager employess and their calendar
  • Create tasks per customer or lead and add it to your calendar
  • Add any number of entities like customer, employee or even supplier to each task
  • View calendar and book appointments for other staff (say by receptionist)
  • Automatic confirmation upon creation, re-scheduling or cancellation of tasks
  • Automatic follow up on tasks
  • Send receive email from within the system
  • History or all communications with customer
  • Upload documents to each customer profile with automatic emailing
  • Upload marketing documents with version control
  • Access your system on any device with a browser
  • Integrate with Outlook Calendar for mobile and other devices.