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At Azarbod our focus is YOU and YOUR NEEDS.
Ever since our inception in 2009, we have tried to provide the highest quality products and services to our clients without sacrificing value, features, functionality, or ease of use.

Our main area of expertise is Manufacturing and Distribution. Sometimes, specially in the past, we have done custom software for other sectors as well.

We provide software and services in the following areas:

We stand behind our solutions and tailor them to your requirements so you can use one and only system for all your requirements.

We do not upgrade your system if not needed and hence do not charge you extra for the features you will no use.

Still we provide both in-house and in the cloud options.

Our History

The original idea was to create a job board type of web site called JBurst, by (Mahmoud) Reza Zare back in 2004. After about 4 years of experience, Reza decided to change directions and started Azarbod as a mainly custom web software development company. The company officially incorporated January 13, 2010.

Then in 2011, we started to focus on custom systems only for Manufacturing and Distribution. Ever since, we have been able to help several happy customers in Manufacturing & Distribution like Magna Powertrain or DeBoer Tool.

We now offer both packaged solutions like Inventory System or Custom System Development, with the main focus on manufacturing and Distribution

What does Azarbod mean?

Azarbod is an ancient Persian name meaning God of Fire. Azar means fire and bod is the suffix. Azar or fire has been a respected gift of God and a worshipped source of light and energy in the Persian culture. Today you can find fire temples in Iran (Persia) that have been on for many thousands years and have been kept safe from wars and natural disasters throughout centuries. Also one of the most popular Persian ceremonies is Charshanbeh Souri or Fire Festival that is held on the eve of last Wednesday before the Persian New Year on March 21st. On this day people jump over fire and wish each other a prosperous and healthy new year.

The new year officially starts when the Spring breaks in, in the Northern hemisphere.


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Reza Zare, Founder and CEO.